Visioning engagement for a finance client

The client:  our client was the Wealth division of one of the “big four” Australian banks.

The brief:  the client engaged IBM to conduct an “accelerated visioning” engagement. Recognising the huge untapped potential of the unadvised market, our client wanted to explore ways in which a new consumer app might help shape customers’ attitudes and behaviour regarding wealth, help them be more self-directed, and ultimately assist customers to seek financial advice through a variety of channels.

My role:  Senior User Experience Designer

Activities:  the client had already conducted extensive consumer research and had developed wealth consumer personas, and were now keen to gain a better understanding of their Adviser’s perspective on the factors which hinder greater uptake of advice services. I led a user research effort, involving in-context interviews and observations of a range of Wealth Advisers. Our analysis of the interviews produced several key insights which were the fed into the subsequent visioning workshop.

Feature prioritising in progress

I co-designed and co-facilitated the two-day Visioning Workshop, in which senior client stakeholders participated to identify user experience objectives for the app, and to generate and prioritise desired features. I designed and led a behaviour design session, using the Brains, Behavior & Design toolkit, to help the group identify specific customer behaviours the client wished to encourage.

The outcome: the Accelerated Visioning engagement led to a phase two engagement, the Insurance Adviser proof of concept <link>.


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