Predicting sports injury risk

The client:  our client was the NSW Waratahs Rugby Union team

The brief:  The Waratahs, as part of IBM’s sponsorship, had begin to use IBM’s predictive analytics technology to analyse a range of data gathered on player’s training and playing performance. IBM Interactive designed a prototype app to show how the data, and player injury risk markers, could be effectively visualised to assist the coaching team to better manage player training regimes.

My role:  User experience designer.

Activities:  I first worked with the IBM data scientist, to learn about the player GPS and training data which was being gathered and analysed. To better understand the users, I interviewed members of the Waratah’s coaching and athletic development team.

From sketches, to wireframes and detailed designs.
From sketches, to wireframes and detailed designs.

Using the coach’s input on which aspects of the data best indicated looming injury, and how he currently gathered indications of injury risk for the team, and for individual players, I sketched a variety of design concepts, then created simple wireframes, which I then walked through with the Waratah’s altheltic development team.  The visual designer then further developed the concepts into finished visual designs, and eventually into a clickable HTML prototype.

The outcome:  The prototype was developed, with real data from the previous season, to illustrate a high-fidelity app concept using real predictive analytics features.   A short video launching the project.